Cities of money, dried up, no longer running
palace corroded, condemned like all the
people that were captive in the trouble that
doubled the self destructive jungle
never had the chance to rise above and
see what’s on the other side
what’s the use to put trust in another man
what’s the use to put trust in another’s hand
when the trust has been erased
and the gate just slams right in your fuckin’ face

Life’s games – hard to play
what’s given, is often just taken away
burned out of the game
we let all our evil just guide the way
Misdirected energy intimidates authority as planned
Working for solutions
and whoever’s not part of it
is part of the problem

Fat cats and police
the wolves tear at the sheep
colors are shown
loyalty blown
the wolves tear at their brothers and sisters
and slaughter upon slaughter will act as fertilizer
it feeds the weeds
a symbol of resilience to tyranny

Working for solutions

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