Last American Exit

You know the reasons I can’t conceal
You know I’m leaving you
obviously you know how I feel
it’s not as easy as calling out your name when I’m down

it’s not a matter for wrong or right
it ain’t much better that drinking and looking to fight
you know I’m tired of crawling hind my name among the crowd

I’m on the last American exit to the northland
I’m on the last American exit to my homeland
I’m on the last American exit to my last chance
they keep calling out my name-shout it down

you’ve made them wonder and know for sure
you’ve made them hunger at night and then run for the door
you know you’ll probably cry like Caesar’s son when
you’re found

it’s not your place it’s another town
let’s face it baby I’m up and then baby I’m down
you’ll watch the border offer you fame and watch you drown

know your neighbors and know they’ll take us
know my city it’s just like theirs are
hope I make it. I know I’m going to make it somehow
know my saviour he knows you shakers
know my pity. I’ll see you later
I’d like to stay but I know it doesn’t matter somehow

They keep callin out my name
They keep callin out my name
They keep callin out my name
I shout it down

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