LBC Thang

( Tray-Dee )
Once upon a time not long ago
4 way befo da dayz I wuz known 2 flow
I wuz showin str8 luv in da beach
Hugz frum da freaks
Even by tha thugz wit da heats
Now it seem da hole damn hood dun switchd up
Used ta put our fists up see hoo lip git bust
Hallain out da set as we sweat at da hutch
Come frum out of bounds mess around git stuck
So tell me wuts up wit dis LBC thang
Homies hatin homies wen we on dis G thang
Now peep game it’s about ta be da next centerury
It ain’t about life witout da penetentaries
It git ta be a damn shame at times
Knowin we da strongest wen thangs cumbine
Bang da 9 dub an’ insane 4 life
West an’ North side keep brangin it rite

( hook, Butch Cassidy )
Let’s all come 2getha leave that bull alone
I’m tired of playin games man wuts goin on
We all shood luv one anutha put da guns away
An’ kick it with each otha on dis luvly thang

( Snoop )
We pushin da real about da LBC
Dirty D, Reeseka, an’ Big Skrappy
C-Dogg on da switch cuz dis is Eastside good
Beach City 2 da fullest wut chall thout dis wuz
I’m hallain at my family Jimmy Brown frum da beach
He told me dat da hood wuz back crackin at peace
So u know me I’ma throw us a feast
Fa all my homeboyz frum da muthafuckin East
Y’all deserve it I’m swervin in da beema now
I wish all my dead homeboyz kood see me now
I’m driftin thinkin back how it wuz
But all dis muney kan’t bring da homies back up
So take it 4 wut it wuz worth
Frum da earth 2 da dirt
We gunna du dis til yo head hurt
My time keeps slippin away
Me an’ my niggaz keep chippin away
I rememba wen my nigga Fay wuz lockd away
We used 2 tell him how we dreamd about gittin payd
An’ now we takin trips wile we mix alize
An’ we du dis in da LBC kinda way

( hook )

( Goldie Loc )
U got me on da muney makin mission
But my moms at da house stedy wishin
That I don’t roll out cuz she know sumthin rong
So I take anutha git frum da bomb
I leave da house ta git wit dis gangsta hits
Doggs an’ locs git redy ta manage a grip
Dirty Dale frum insane an’ lil Sag frum da dub
Dem both of bruthas I gots ta giv em luv
Now wut dis sound like
Me blastin anyone of my kind foo dat ain’t rite
I still repent on evrythang that I did
Let me put my thangs up I gots ta raise me a kid
Baby Goldie gunna hav it jus like Spanky
Let me git my funds rite homie don’t playa hate me
Lite it up blaze it up ain’t no need fa chokin
Eastside Long Beach foo we West Coast

( hook )

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