Looking Into the Future of Cyber Security Career Opportunities

Cybersecurity remains a puzzle to be solved as to how best we should handle it. It’s a mystery that every developer tries to explain and come up with preventive measures to the persistent threats. Each day a company somewhere in the world loses its valuable data to hackers. Corruption, encryption, and loss of data are our primary concern. Solving these (threats) needs Cybersecurity teams to sit and craft programs and plans that will make them eradicate such vices. These calls for cybersecurity jobs that intensify their study in internet safety.

Due to the dynamic nature of threats, we expect advanced and more complicated threats in future which call for more cybersecurity personnel. These are job openings that are in high demand worldwide. Colleges foresee more students turn-up for the Cybersecurity training classes, as in most cases the courses are rarely taught in universities. However, government institutions in the USA are coming up with initiatives to educate the public about the internet safety. The NSA (National Security Agency) came up with National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information a project that was initiated by the Presidential National Strategy. In the future, we expect to see improvement in the curriculum and certification of the computer science courses.

Looking into the best marketable careers in Cyber Security

Most employers think they have the best teams in their IT departments, but the truth is 70% of the IT personnel’s of their companies cannot solve the cyber advanced persistent threats that they face. Apart from the basic set-up of the firewalls and installing antivirus programs, a lot needs to be done. In the coming future we expect a rise in the following job fields;

  1. a) Network Security – the presence of cloud-based systems require professionals in the network security. Cyber threats use networks as paths to their activities. The real-time network monitoring systems, the experienced IT personnel, should carefully configure, and closely monitor the network status and detect any threats or suspicious behaviors.
  2. b) Application security –In most occurrences, we tend to ignore the basics of updating anti-viruses or installing new software patches that are up to date. These factors are necessary to focus on as most breaches occur on such incidences of ignorance. Therefore developers should always be careful when developing software’s that are meant to provide extra security. Poor coding could result in loops that hackers might use to gain access to the companies data. This job requires highly skilled applications developers.
  3. c) Cloud security – It’s one of the most modern fields that are high paying. Companies that depend on cloud storage or systems lack cloud security knowledge. Improper use of the technology puts the company data at risk. The job requires professionals in the cloud security which makes such experts highly valuable.
  4. d) Data security – this job covers the brain of the company. Sensitive company data have to be kept safe from breaching. And this requires specialized application skills that will ensure the data is safe for storage, usage, and distribution. Companies will need skilled labor that will provide extra security plans and safety methods to their sensitive data.
  5. e) Penetration tests – you can’t know the weakness yet until you seek the weakness joints. The penetration skills are carried out by applying phishing on emails, DDoS attacks and much more to the company systems to test the company’s systems strength. This method is done by experts towards employees data and requires experts who when finding faults, they can apply a permanent solution. It demands the certified ethical hackers to do the job.

Foreseeing the Jobs Openings in Cyber Security

Cyber Security tasks that involves incidences handling and responses, auditing, firewall and IDS/IPS skills, intrusion detections, intelligence, access management, application security, malware prevention detection, cloud security, etc. Looking into the skills required, therefore, there are prominent industries that need employees with such professions. These would include; Banking/financial and Insurance, Information Technology, State Defense and Government, etc. also including Professional services. These industries offer best remunerations for the skilled experts. If only educational institutions would focus on specific skills in Cybersecurity then, more experts would emerge to fill the skillful labor gaps created in the profession.

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