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    Start the quest by talking to one of the guards at the south-west entrance to the Sentinel’s Watch waypoint in the Mount Zavain zone. The guard (Terell) is asking the player if they’ve ever seen one of his guards named Ryston. The player has to go looking for Ryston However, he’s fairly close to Sentinel’s Guard and should head to the west, toward the yellow circle on the map. Ryston will say the need for more food than what’s receiving, and will ask for the player to bring him an assortment of Varanid haunches. Once they’ve obtained them and presented to Ryston who will then start the fire to cook the meals. To his dismay, a massive Gorejaw Varanid appears and swallows Ryston entire. The player must kill that Gorejaw and return Ryston’s Service Badge to Terell to claim the reward.

    Some players might notice the purple skull appearing in their map occasionally. These are the bosses that you want to see. This is classified as an adventure, even though it is being a random thing that can occur at any zone. However, these bosses are always in the same spots within a zone. The purple-colored bosses aren’t as tough than the gold-colored bosses. They always have minions as well. In theory, the quest is not difficult to complete, though picking specific Diablo 4 classes will make it simpler. All the player has to do is find and defeat the boss in order for the rewards.

    This side quest can be located on The Ancient Graveyard area of the Frozen Tundra zone. This area of the Ancient Graveyard is not an area traveled by many players. It’s a ghost town, both literally and metaphorically. One of the reasons is because the creatures that inhabit this area have an annoying habit of trapping the player in the ice-filled ring. To begin this side quest, look for a man looking to pull an axe suitable for a Barbarian off the permafrost. The axe was used to trap an Elder Horror though, which is now free. The player has to combat Frost Horrors and then the Elder Horror itself.

    “Scepter of Desire” begins in the eastern area that is part Windswept Sands in the Shassar Sea zone. The player has to talk with a man known as Gade who wants them to protect a group from being attacked by a local brigand band known as The Sand Scorpions. After speaking to an individual who survived the raid and hearing the news that their leader and an individual named Zov have captured the remaining hostages and brought them for the Chamber of Sacrifice. The player must hunt down Zov and steal the scepter away from Zov. Zov escapes the fight and as he pursues him, the player discovers the scepter is buried inside the sand. After handing the scepter over to Peth it is discovered that the scepter is a fake.

    This may be one of the most memorable side quests of Diablo 4. “Broken Compass” begins by speaking to an individual called Roul (near Rhodri’s Private Dock) after the player hears him thank another NPC named Talva Silvertongue. Talva appears to be a pirate that is trying to trick Roul to gain access to getting his supplies.

    Talva escorts Roul away while his pirate companions attack the player. The fight continues on a decrepit ship while the player makes his way towards the top deck and engages Talva. The fight is a stalemate in which Roul is captured. The player finds the victim lying in a pool of water that happens to be the home of a huge creature named Bessie. Players need to kill the pirates and Bessie in order to free Roul and gain a hefty reward to be added to their Diablo 4 loot.

    It is the 4th Diablo 4 side quest that may occur in any zone and is given to players at random. At times blue quests will pop up on the quest list, requiring players to eliminate certain number of enemies within the immediate area. This will usually include exclusive or unique boss enemies. If no particular type of enemy is provided, any creature will fulfill the quest’s requirements. One thing to keep to keep in mind that should a player leaves the area before having completed the quest, it’ll be considered a failure, though there’s no time limit the player must work within.