Is Memory Foam Mattress Topper Best for You?

Memory foam mattress toppers are well accepted and trendy these days, as they offer full support for the body, eliminate motion and serve for many years. When you’re thinking of buying a memory foam mattress, you’ll have the choice to pick between memory foam and gel foam. Both are fantastic choices, but determining the right mattress that will work best for your purpose is vital. Profound and peaceful sleep is very important to remain healthy – to get that, you need the right mattress.

Is There A Difference Between Gel Foam And Memory Foam? Let’s Find Out.

The material used for making memory foam and gel foam is the one major difference. Memory foam is manufactured from a viscoelastic material. This viscoelastic material has both viscous and elastic characteristics when going through deformation. Viscous materials like honey withstand shear flow and pressure linearly with time when a stress is enforced. The material turned out to be so comfy and robust that it made its way into mattresses. A gel foam mattress is made from viscoelastic material too, but it has been filled with gel. Gel foam was introduced in mattresses to support pressure relief and provide a cooler sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

The biggest benefit about memory foam mattress is that it supports the body and keeps the weight away from the pressure points, facilitating you to wake up without feeling any stiffness or aches. Unlike a spring mattress, memory foam mattress is a single piece of strong material, so even if your partner is often tossing and turning, his/ her movement won’t disturb your sleep. Moreover, the soft feel of a memory foam mattress is an excellent balance between being spongy and firm.

Gel Foam Mattress Benefits

Memory foam mattresses are great, but as they use body heat to adjust with your body, it may slightly affect your comfort level. That’s because they don’t provide a place for the body heat to get away and thus, have to sleep hot. Well, the gel in gel foam mattresses rectifies this by improving air circulation and providing a way for the heat to get away, and the sleeping remains cool all through the night. Apart from this one crucial difference, both memory and gel foam mattresses provide the same benefits.

Summing Up

Both memory foam and gel foam mattresses are comfy and excellent alternatives. Therefore, when it comes to deciding what mattress is best for your purpose and budget, your decision needs to be based on the below two very important pointers:

  • Memory foam mattress retains heat but is an affordable option compared to gel foam mattress.
  • Gel foam mattress provides cooler sleep, but they cost more than a memory foam mattress.

The bottom line is, if you need a more comfortable and blissful sleep, doesn’t mind spending a bit more then go for gel foam mattress. However, if budget is a vital factor and you want to save some money as well, then a memory foam mattress topper will be right for you. Hope this helps you to select your next foam mattress topper.

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