MightyCall Helps you Receive Calls during Business and Non-Business Hours

You may have come across VoIP technology recently. You should be rest assured that plenty of hype has been created along with praises about similar services launched by several companies in the communication industry. However, for people who would be unaware about the VoIP system, it stands for Voice Internet Protocol or Voice Over Internet Provider.

However, as with anything new, you would have several queries to be answered prior to actually deciding on investing in VoIP. You should make an informed decision before switching over completely to VoIP from land based telephone services. Nonetheless, when you have made up your mind, you would be searching for the right company for your VoIP needs. Among the several features that you may come across in a company, they should be offering after call hours routing services.

What is after call hours routing services?

As the name suggests, the service would help keep the customer experience going even after closing time.

The magicjack alternative would enable you to handle calls in a different manner during business and non-business hours. It would help you set up certain rules for different times of the day. You could also set up different time rules for holidays and weekends. For instance, during working hours, the VoIP system would forward incoming calls to your place of work. However, after hours, the calls made by the clients would be diverted directly to the home number.

You would be able to handle calls differently during business or non-business hours for different kinds of customer groups. Some of the customer groups have been mentioned below:

  • VIP customers
  • Regular customers
  • Black list customers

What makes after-hour calling helpful to businesses?

The primary purpose of the feature would be to handle the calls in a different manner for both business and after-business hours.

A wide variety of service providers have been using their after-hours service for its ability to schedule when to stop the phone from ringing.

The VoIP system understands the value of feature along with implementing completely features business hours routing services. It would imply you could set different routing plans for business and after-business hours. It would be inclusive of:

  • Different types of greeting messages
  • Call forwarding to different groups of employees
  • Auto attendant menus

Business values of after-hours call routing

Time-based routing has been one of the most valuable features for successful customer service. After-hours call forwarding enables your business to provide enhanced customer service and for reducing resources that has been involved in cal handling.

It would be pertinent to mention here that after hours, your company could be able to:

  • Inform the calling customers about working hours
  • Receiving customer requests through voicemail
  • Call forwarding to special on-duty team in event of the customer requires urgent support.

In event of you running a big business with branches in different time zones, the feature would help you organize customer service in specific time zones. Therefore, in event of a customer on a different region calls during non-business hours while the staff has left the office, the call would be forwarded to another branch in a different location that is still open.

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