Nike mercurial black eagle is never

Nike mercurial black eagle is never
rare Man this”footman” of, he older generation son is build what Nie, whole life just pour a doing of lintel friend who hope the Man. “Is alas!The somebody else ignores you and do Yao annoy on my head”The rare Man packs innocent, leak in the eye a divertive interest flavor. “Hum!”The black eagle ignores the clown behavior of hoping the Man, the look in the eyes just using relentless forces and backs whichever want to rise the man of the evil thought to Long Bao Ni, dare with he does the black eagle rob a womanLive Be getting more impatient! Long Bao Ni. stopped step Xuan to come over, over against black eagle affectionate deep Tong, but she puts an idea to neglect to disappear. point at his nose head to say:”Can you pass meThe woman who wants what kind by your condition cans not get, why must the wave take a lot of time on me “I want ~only you.”The black eagle is never used thus the tone devoting one’s minding say and unexpectedly pay a sincere woman for the first time, unexpectedly thus disdain to his feelings, everywhere evade, .

is this the retribution that he plays with woman’s feelings Formely he nearby of woman as long as up leading a bed with him, will expect him don’t put.Probably he is true of was spoiled by the woman to break down, run into deeply.

Adidas X at present the woman of touch his heartsknow sayDoing not say is afraid she from another place listenned to to will live a new life spirit, say afraid she will misunderstand. “The Ma Nai once was my fiancee.”The black eagle very carefully says. “Divide too much!”What Long Bao Ni got angry with says. Once the black eagle urgently and hurriedly explain, “that matter that is long time ago, I just take her for a beautiful companion and have never once loved her.” Long Bao Ni funnily looking at black eagle.”Please!Do you think that I am an intolerant womanReally need to do accounts, your romantic debt still really calculates not over.Was your two emperors and elder brothers to divide too much, robbed the somebody else’s wife should of painful Cuo, how can humiliate small and weakThere is skill that seek your list to pick be.” The black eagle infatuates of lookinging at and keeping in mind medium my daughter person, he cans not guesses forever he

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