Republican Botanical Garden in Almaty could wait for econstruction

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation will take part in the reconstruction of the Almaty Botanical Garden. The need for renovation and improvement of the main oasis of the megapolis is long overdue, because since the 1950s there have been no serious works either on the care of unique plants or on the improvement of infrastructure. According to the management of the reserve, its financing was carried out according to the residual principle, and there was no financial opportunity to transform the garden.

Those works on the reconstruction of the republican botanical garden in Almaty became possible after the establishment of the Public Foundation in 2015. The basic state financing of the foundation was increased, in addition, some businessmen with Bulat Utemuratov among them volunteered to help the reserve.

Architects and designers from Europe took part in the development of the master plan for the reconstruction of the Almaty garden. After the approval of the concept, which took place in the autumn of 2016, fundraising began. The list of planned works, which should be completed by 2020, is really impressive. The reserve urgently needs a new irrigation system, the plan also provides for equipping the protected area with modern video surveillance and lighting systems. In addition to security, the development of excursion infrastructure is envisaged, since the botanical garden is a favorite place for walks for Almaty residents and visitors. For the visitors’ comfort, the architects proposed to update and create new paths and fences, as well as transform the outdated entrance groups.

The investment group of companies Verny Capital, which is controlled by Utemuratov, participates in the reconstruction actively. The sponsor is ready to allocate up to $15 million in the form of charity. This money will be directed to the creation of a new irrigation system for the entire garden, as well as the modernization of the infrastructure of the 27-hectare public zone.

Pretty soon, as the organizers promise, the guests of the reserve, including people with disabilities, will be able to walk along convenient walking paths and eco-trails, admire the pedestrian fountains, and finally enjoy the comfort. Instead of the outdated entrance group in Timiryazeva (it is the only one for now), three entrance pavilions will be waiting for visitors, including the one from the side of Atakent and Al-Farabi Avenue. In the improved Visit-center there will be everything for convenient registration of excursions, purchase of seedlings, seeds and souvenirs, dedicated to the Main Botanical Garden of Almaty. All interested persons can take part in the discussion of the reserve reconstruction, and also follow the process of transformation – public communication is provided both in the Public Council of the city, and through social networks Facebook and Instagram.

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