Right Quantity Of Detergent Needed To Properly Clean Clothes In A Washing Machine

Type of clothes, form of detergent, settings, amount of detergents, load taking capability of machine, are some of the important considerations when you choose to wash clothes in a washing machine. You need to be careful when using the detergent, as its excess quantities can cause harm to your machine and lower than needed amounts will not give you proper cleaning. These guidelines will prevent you from struggling to find the perfect amount of detergent for your next wash.

Washing Powder

This is the commonest form of detergent that is seen to be used in a washing machine. It is also the cheapest one of all the other available types of detergents. Finding the right amount of detergent can be a tricky decision. According to the experts, detergent brands officially advise people to use 110ml of it for one-time wash.

If clothes are heavily soiled, then this amount can also be increased by 100ml. Whirlpool is rated to be one of the best washing machines available on the market. Not just it is efficient but also delivers high performance at an affordable price.

Liquid Detergents

These types of detergents are a bit costly, but they also provide the benefits of conditioning. By using them, you will feel your clothes becoming softer. To get the best benefits out of this detergent, it is important to know its right quantities.

The average dose of this detergent required for an extensive cleaning is around 50ml. For a general wash, 30 to 35ml amount of liquid detergent would be sufficient for a single wash. Liquid detergents are used in fewer amounts than powder-based detergents because they are more concentrated in comparison to washing powder.

Washing tablets or capsules

This is the modern form of cleaning clothes in a washing machine. It has become very popular in the market and many people have started using it for their laundry cleaning purpose. These are the highly expensive forms of detergent, but also easiest to measure due to its tablet form. To measure the right quantities of the capsules is very easy.

For general wash, one tablet is sufficient for one lot of wash. If you are using heavily stained and dirty clothes, then you may require to use more than 1 tablet/wash. So, figure out how dirty your clothes are, to arrive at the right quantity of the detergent capsule.

How effective and accurate is the above advice?

This advice is based on extensive research and professional opinion taken by detergent manufacturers. In addition to this, it is also recommended to read the label on the detergent packet/bottle. This will help you in making the correct decision.


There are several factors that you need to look at when deciding the right amount of detergent for cleaning. By using adequate amount of detergent, you can save your machine from all damages that can be caused by its excess use. These tips will ensure that you use the right quantity of liquid, washing powder, or tablets every time you wash your clothes.

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