Robert Simonds and his views about STX Entertainment

Robert Simonds is one of the famous entrepreneurs and founder of STX Entertainment is working very hard to provide the mid budget motion pictures the present the greatest opportunity in the current movie market.

To accompany his goal, STX Entertainment has received the strategic investments from PCCW, Tencent Holdings, and many others. STX Entertainment is increasing its television and other international operations by adding high quality and full scale capabilities in music and digital media. It also includes short form, and applications based and live virtual entertainment.

Robert Simonds is being blessed with a family of seven people. He stays in Los Angeles with his wife, a son and four daughters. Robert Simonds is known for his famous films namely, “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Big Daddy”, “The wedding Singer”. The Graduate from Yale University started his career as a film producer and has produced ample number of films out of which more than 30 films have earned approximately $6 billion on the box office.

Mr. Simonds got his start by producing a hit films as the John Ritter 1990 comedy “Problem Child” and then never turned back and went on to become one of Hollywood’s most creative and productive film producer and also entrepreneur.

Robert Simonds is always keen in giving the Hollywood fans different types of movies. You can tag him as “Robert Simonds in Variety”.

In a conference held at Beverly Hills, the executives and the financers present there said that the film industries of Chinese and America will continue to collaborate with  each other but the gap between them shall be closed before  the Chinese stories and the intellectual property win the audiences of America and West side.

Robert Simonds during his turn nodded the same way saying that these Chinese films will surely be appealing to all the encompassing audiences i.e. the global audience. This will take place only when the Chinese films will cover all the familiar cinematic syntax along with the traditional act structures and the scene progressions. This will be easily recognized by other audiences those belong to different nations.

When asked to Dominic Ng about his views on this topic, he said “a key to enhancing the prospects of films from the Middle Kingdom in the U.S. could be the hiring of more Chinese-Americans to act as cultural and business ambassadors”. Dominic Ng is the East West Bank Chairman. He is one among the investors of STX Entertainment.

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