Say Goodbye to wrinkles: Botox a best skin treatment

Many times we confuse in between Botox and hyaluronic acid treatments when looking for a solution. In this note, we tell you exactly what Botox treatment is, how it is applied and what are effect of Botox treatment.

More and more women (and men) come to the surgeon’s office wanting to look better. And there are more and more, too, those who prefer to perform a minimally invasive treatment and not expose themselves to the rigor of the operating room and the scalpel.

Both Botox Boston and hyaluronic acid are the most popular substances and practices chosen by doctors and patients. They have the same effect – rejuvenating the appearance of the face – but there are many differences between them. We present about Botox Treatment Boston.

Everything about Botox

Botox Near Me is the registered trademark of Botulinum Toxin Type A most studied and most used in the whole world. Botulinum Toxin Type A is a protein that temporarily relaxes the muscle in which it is applied, attenuating wrinkles of expression, those that form with the face in movement. Every time we express ourselves, laugh or cry, the muscles of the face contract and, over time, the activity of these muscles produces wrinkles such as the lines of the forehead, between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet, among others. This treatment can be done only by expert Doctor For Botox.

How does it apply?

Botox Treatment in Boston is a minimally invasive, fast and painless process that does not require an allergy test, it takes a few minutes and patients can continue with their usual rhythm of life without inconvenience. Botox In Boston is applied by means of micro-injections directly in the muscle responsible for the formation of the wrinkle and, by temporarily relaxing it, prevents the formation of new lines of expression, since its effect prevents the deepening of existing wrinkles and the formation of new wrinkles.

The initial effects are visible between 48 to 72 hours after Botox Boston treatment, and the maximum results after 15 days.

Is there an age from which you can begin to apply?

The medical professional is the one who will determine, according to each patient, what is the right time to start treatment. Anyway, we can say that the average age is from 30 years.

In what areas does it apply?

It is commonly applied by Doctor For Botox Near Me in the upper area of the face, forehead, between the eyebrows and crow’s feet, but it can also be used for wrinkles of the nose (those that form on the sides of the nose when one laughs), some areas of the nose. Neck, the corners of the lips and to outline the contour of the face and reposition the eyebrows.

Botox from Best Place for Botox in Boston is often confused with some filler substances, and when you see a blunt and even deformed mouth is believed to be because of the application of Botox. But it is worth noting that Botox does not apply to the lips, nor does it confer volume on the treated areas.

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