Securing your Amazon reviews

Amazon seller reviews is one of your most excellent tools for making more sales for seller. When a buyer looks at your product among listings from other sellers, they have two things to base their buying decision on value and trust. You can compete on cost with lower prices and better shipping options.  Here are the three most crucial habits you imbibe in to protect your seller reviews:

  • Ensure to fulfill promise

The first thing that Amazon judges you for is simple: do you do what you say you wish? This first applies to presenting when you promise to. If your listing declares the item will ship within two days, but you disappoint to confirm that it has gone out until day three, then Amazon will whack you hard.

Note that Amazon doesn’t care if you failed to confirm the order as shipped because you missed the email, forgot to log on and mark it as approved, or had your Internet connection down at the time. You should continuously have systems in place to make sure that every delivery is created when you say it will be made.

A delayed sale is worth zero points. That will pull your score down quickly, and it will take a lot of full deliveries to make up for it. If you want a genuinely exceptional seller reviews, then deliver ahead of schedule whenever you can. This will give you a shot at getting bonus points.

  • Liaise with Your Customer as soon as possible

Amazon does not make opportunity for weekends and holidays. If the customer throws you a message, you must return within 24 hours. Any later and you’ll start missing points. It isn’t just Amazon with these high expectations;

41% of your customers require you to respond in six hours. Past that point, your risk of a customer becoming angry and doing something to dent your seller reviews starts to improve. Always return messages or calls as quickly as possible. Adequate communication is also imperative to follow our next tip:

  • Provide five star Customer Service

If a customer needs a refund (within reason), then give it quickly and professionally. Customer reviews play a significant role in your seller score, and negative feedback can damage a lot. But there are worse things that can happen. Those “worse things” are customers soliciting for assistance from Amazon under the A-to-z Guarantee.

Forcing Amazon to step in and resolve the problem will go about as well as poking a bear. You’ll get hurt with a -500 score for that sale. It only takes a handful of A-to-z claims to sink any seller.

The best way to dodge this sort of situation is, again,  speedy dialogue with your customers. Make them feel like you are responding to anything they bring up and willing to help them with all their problems. Fast assistance can quickly defuse anger and prevent them from turning to Amazon.

In a nutshell,, getting a great Amazon seller reviews is pretty straightforward. Follow Amazon’s rules, run your business honestly, make your deliveries as soon as possible, and respond to customers quickly. Do that, and soon customers will see you as the best seller on the list.

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