Seven Key Features of Virtual PBX Useful for Any Business

Virtual PBX is a telephone network, which is famous for using within the organization. It has come up with various features and services which has made it different from other telecom competitors.  It has changed the telecom industry’s entire scenario and it has far better than the traditional systems. They have a strong base of customers who are taking benefits from their services as well from their different features. They are very much useful in any business weather they are small, medium or large in nature. It gives the opportunity to the entrepreneurs to extend their business and helps in building strong relationship and trust with their customers. Market and internet is full of virtual PBX reviews and you can easily get to know their importance and various features, which make them to be on top since last 21 years.

Seven key features of virtual PBX – Below are the key features which allow them to stand out of their competitors.

  1. Manages Call- You can manage so many calls at the same time. It is the one of the best features offered by virtual PBX. It manages the all call including incoming, outgoing even provides the opportunity to not to miss missed call.
  2. Auto attendant-They have automated greetings system by which they greet to their customers and it makes them to feel important and respectable for the business. Even they have various options available by which you can be directly redirected to the required department. It will save your valuable time and effort.
  3. Call forwarding- Call forwarding is a feature which is very mush famous and useful for the business. If the telephone line is busy your call will be directly redirected or rerouted to the selected number or alternate provided number so that even number is busy but you do not miss a single call.
  4. Call conference- Call conference is getting popularity day by day because in a single call you can speak with so many persons while adding them in conference. It is beneficial for official meetings and group meetings. You can add so many participants at the same time and share information easily.
  5. Call diversion-Call diversion can be done to many numbers. This is optional choice but it is very important feature for nay business. You can even divert call to the landline number also any alternate number hence not a single call cannot be missed.
  6. Voicemail to email- Bye this features any voicemail can be stored automatically to the provided email ID. It will reduce the chances of missing out any call and recorded calls also stored in your mail box.
  7. Records contact numbers- Virtual PBX has the facility to record the calls and contact numbers even when your number is switched off. Transferring these numbers is totally free and adds value to any business.

Summary– For any business each call is precious and adds value to the business hence virtual PBX plays crucial role for business growth and generating leads.




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