Six Reasons to Call a Plumbing Service Provider

Many do-it-yourself techniques are only used to solve minor plumbing hitches around the house. In the event of a major plumbing property damage problem, an experienced plumbing service provider should be involved to sort it out. Here is why you need to call a plumber in Brisbane.

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Low Water Pressure

The cause of low water pressure in your taps and showers is not always easy to highlight. This problem is caused by obstructed pipes, poor pipe design and local water supply issues. An attempt to try and solve the problem on your own might result to further damage of the plumbing system and property. A professional plumber is able to identify the source of the problem and give an appropriate solution.

A Damaged Water Heater

Lack of hot water is a sign that the water heater is damaged. The failure is usually as a result of damaged components or an entirely faulty heater. Contact an experienced plumber to handle the repair or replacement of the heater. Water heaters operate through electricity, solar or gas. Therefore, it is safer to avoid tampering with the heating system and leave it to experts.


Blocked Pipes

A blocked sewer line is the major cause of frequent and severe pipe blockage. Blockage is usually caused by sediment build up, tree roots or non- flushable items that find their way into the sewer system. Many DIY attempts entail the use of chemicals and rodding machines and usually end up causing more damage than good. Harmful raw sewage is exposed to the environment and the damage to the system is too expensive to repair. Stay on the safe side by involving a plumbing technician to handle the issue since they have an eye to identify the source of problems and know how to solve it.

Burst Pipes

Pipes tend to burst during the winter season when water in them freezes and expands thus causing the pipes to break. Burst pipes cause major flooding and consequent property damage. Since some pipes are located underground, the leakage might not be caught on time. This results to a lot of water seepage into the foundation and cause damp floors as well. A plumber has the ability to trace the leaks and offer solutions to repair damaged property.


Installation of Plumbing Systems

Installation of major plumbing systems and faucets calls for the services of an expert plumber. Avoid DIYs that might result to expensive repairs and reinstallations. Involve a professional plumber when you are renovating and remodeling. Renovations entail extensive overhauls such as shifting of water pipes, taps, tubs and sinks. You need an experienced plumber to handle the project with minimal damage and attend to all drainage system requirements.


There are areas that receive very huge amounts of rainfall that results to flooding. Copious amounts of water gain access to your house and not only are your property damaged but your plumbing system as well. Numerous plumbing companies offer clean up services therefore ensure that you contact them for guidance in how to clean up after a storm, how to dry and repair damaged floors and restore your plumbing system.

An expert plumber will offer solutions and even detect other underlying problem in your plumbing system. Be sure to call one whenever you feel like something is a miss.

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