Six Tips on How to Build Your Business on Social Media

Building your business up on social media takes a creative bone, some patience, and a dash of originality. You don’t want your content to be viewed as spam or mere advertisements that fail to connect with its viewers. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in social media marketing to be able to get your desired outcome. Here are six tips on how to achieve the social media presence you want for your brand without burning up more resources:

Set SMART Objectives

You don’t want to be on social media just for the heck of it or just because everyone else including your customers are using it. Set clearly outlined SMART objectives, which stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Be as specific as possible when stating what you want to achieve on social media, make sure it is measurable or quantifiable, and that it is attainable. Your goal should also be relevant and have an impact, not to mention have a set time frame or deadline. For instance, if you want to advertise your QiGong clinic, a SMART objective would be to have three new students by the end of the week.

Decide Which Platforms to Focus On

While social media platforms are treated identically in terms of entertainment value, the audiences you find on these platforms vary significantly hence you’ll want to determine which one works best for your business’ needs and circumstances. For example, Facebook has the largest network with over two billion users worldwide, yet when it comes to aesthetic value, Instagram wins the crown. The age bracket, demographics, and points of interest that you’ll find within these platforms are different from one another.

Use Your Existing Marketing Channels

How do you make your brand visible on social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram? It starts by promoting your social media content across your existing marketing channels, specifically your website. This can be accomplished by including “Follow” buttons on your website banners, adding “Share” buttons alongside your blog posts, articles, and events pages, and putting a link of your social media pages on your business cards, flyers, and signage.

Avoid Sounding Like a Robot

If you want your marketing efforts on social media to be received well by your intended audience, this is perhaps the simplest way to achieve that. A common mistake that people make when marketing on social media is to come off as a big, soulless, faceless corporation that lacks personality. In today’s day and age, people want more transparency in who they buy from and support. They want to know your business on a more personal level. Don’t be afraid to unleash some harmless humor and wit when posting on Twitter or Facebook. Have casual conversations with your fan base on Facebook.

Build Relationships, Not Follower Digits

Having half a million or a million followers on Instagram doesn’t do you any good if they aren’t buying from you, endorsing your business, or supporting your brand. If you look at most Instagram pages nowadays, it’s just fake accounts following each other to up their total followers and give the impression that their account is worth following. But in a deeper sense, there are no relationships being forged. Having 200 followers who you regularly converse with and sell to is infinitely more important than 2,000 followers who don’t even know what your brand is about.

Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Automation is all the hype nowadays. Nonetheless, you cannot expect to push an autopilot button and have your social media marketing efforts running on its own forever. Automate those that you can automate and leave the rest to the hands of your trusty workers. For instance, one aspect of business operations that you can’t afford to automate is mass email or tweet replies. You could end up turning customers off by spamming the same content or reply to everyone on your subscription list.


Building your business on social media is an ongoing process; it’s unlikely to bear any fruits overnight. Follow the six tips aforementioned on this article and you’re on your way to building a strong and positive brand presence on social media.


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