Skip Bins: 5 Things You Cannot Put There

In case you’re considering using a skip bin, it can perfectly be rest assured that they are very convenient for you in terms of the waste that is flushed out of your house. Whether you are throwing away old furniture or just want to get rid of rubbish from your property, these skips are the answer for you. There are a lot of services that you will come across while hiring a skip so that you can throw away your waste.

However, you cannot just dispose off any waste into the skips. Here are 5 things that you need to think over many times before disposing them off in a skip bin.

  1. Electrical appliances or equipments – Electrical appliances & equipments that are forbidden to be disposed off in a skip bin are televisions,electric cookers, fridges, microwave ovens computers, dishwashers Waste electrical items such as these are thrown away by taking them to a registered WWE Recycling Centre. You can take the help of your nearest council for checking out the nearest WEE recycling centre.
  • Medical wastes – Wastes from a hospital such as surgical needles to other biological wastes can be proved to be hazardous for skip bin operators. This is why it needs a specialist disposal since it they cannot be put in a skip. You will find several licensed medical waste disposal services all over the country.
  • Fluorescent bulbs – Since fluorescent bulbs contain harmful materials such as mercury, it can even be life threatening at times. This is why you cannot put it in a skip bin. Again, you will have to confirm with your local council to guide you about the recycling process and the centres where you can have the facility to recycles you old fluorescent bulbs.
  • Asbestos – Asbestos are highly potent and hazardous and can cause cancer as well as other diseases. The thing with asbestos is that you can’t recycle or reuse materials that have asbestos. There are several rules and regulations implied on it by the government in terms of it’s disposal. There area number of factors that might affect the total cost of the removal which might include the type and amount of asbestos.
  • Tyres – It requires a lot of hard work if you intend on disposing off tyres. This is often one of the reasons skip companies do not allow their customers to throw tyres in their skips. You can contact the “Tyre Recovery Organization” that will help you to collect and recycle them.

These were five very important points and wastes that you need to consider before dumping them in a skipbin.Waste disposal is a tedious and time consuming task. Take the help of professional sydney skiphiring to do the job for you.

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