Smart Plumbing & Electrical Tips for the Holidays

With Christmas holidays just around the corner, you certainly wouldn’t want your celebrations to be messed up with plumbing or electrical problems. In case, you need professional electrical or plumbing assistance, contact your nearby electrician or plumber.


  • Shielding your kitchen sink from blockage: Avoid pouring out liquid fats or even oil down the drain, as they can quickly solidify and cause an obstruction.
  • Prevent blocked toilets: Use the minimum amount of toilet paper and closely observe little children, and place a sign above your toilet which will remind your guests that they can only flush toilet paper down the toilet.
  • Use your garbage disposal appropriately: Materials like poultry skin, bones, egg shells and fruit peel offs etc. are hard for a garbage disposal to grind. So you’ll want to make sure to feed the garbage disposal slowly.
  • Make sure you have adequate hot water & the right pressure for showers: If you have guests in your home, try to gap out the times they use the bath or the shower. This will allow your hot water tank adequate time to heat up between uses. If shower water pressure is weak, your shower head could have mineral deposits. A simple solution is, take a plastic bag, fill it up with vinegar and tie it over the shower head. Leave it overnight, the next morning, using an old toothbrush, scrub off any deposits.

If your home’s plumbing systems land up in problems, immediately call an expert plumber in Castle Hill to avail professional plumbing services that you need.


  • Check your home’s electrical wiring including indoor and outdoor cords. Moreover, when plugging in or pulling out the electrical cords, make sure to grab electrical plugs by the base and not by the cord.
  • Similar to your electrical cords, you also need to inspect electrical outlets of your home and ensure they are fittingly plugged in. You want to ensure that there are no char marks, burn marks around your electrical outlets.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher handy and learn how to use it appropriately. When you have to put out a fire, aim the extinguisher’s hose at the base of the fire. In addition, make sure your home’s smoke detectors are working appropriately.

If your home’s electrical cords or outlets mess up or you face any other electrical problems and need professional assistance, at once call licensed Castle Hill electrician and avail specialised electrical services that you need.

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