Steel Scaffolding Vs Bamboo Scaffolding – What’s better?

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In many Asian nations, bamboo has been supporting workers for many decades. Inquisitively, in some backwater areas of the southern hemisphere, the strong organic shoots are still in use today. This organic pure material is still been used in one of the technologically advanced high-tech region – Hong Kong, a modern territory that utilises bamboo as a support structure. There’s even a document that governs bamboo scaffolding safety in this part of the Chinese land.


Steel scaffolding is penetrated with rigorous strength. In contrast, bamboo is a pretty rigorous staging material but it’s purely organic, which means this raw material is not intended for this type of work. No doubt, bamboo is affordable to manufacture and easily available locally but it’s also a material that cannot be measured intrinsically.

Envision a tool bouncing without harming from a steel- strengthened support. Now, picture that same heavy, probably sharp edged tool would harm a bamboo cross-member, maybe even break it and riskily cause the tower to lose strength.


This steel scaffolding industry’s standard alloy is so strong, so malleable, that it’s used in numerous applications – this stability factor makes a solid scaffolding backbone. Bamboo, possibly, is a lasting material – so the Asian market regards it as an efficient erection material but it’s a tricky resource to regulate.

Envision steel frames with dependable fasteners and strong anchoring clamps, components that assure permanence. Instead of safety-rated fasteners, bamboo scaffolding solution makes use of nylon ties. The other thing to take into account is the age limit. True! Pure organic scaffolding ages and deteriorates, which is something that won’t occur to steel if it’s appropriately maintained.

Baboo is grown from the ground – it is durable but this solo benefit won’t render much reassurance if the grown material breaks and weaken the tower. Basically, steel scaffolding equipment and scaffold fittings are designed and built to support a rated load securely. The bamboo scaffolding totally depends on the quality of a cultivated support medium whereas steel scaffolding is a load-certified alloy and is sure to securely support a team of workforce, materials and tools.

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