The Best Glass Bong Makers

A lot of glass bong brands out there have been in the game for quite a while, like Roor, Illadelph, and Thick Ass Glass. Brands like these produce top quality bongs of varying styles, usually for quite a hefty price, and they often implement unique features and aesthetics in their products. You don’t need to pick up a huge brand name to get the best possible bong though, because a lot of fantastic pieces out there are made independently, or for custom orders.

With a brand name comes an inherently higher price tag and not everyone will find that worth it. Roor for example, is known especially for their straightforward, tall standing, and simple designs. They do get creative sometimes with some limited edition designs, but those will cost you way way more cash compared to an independent custom glass blower. Glass bong brand names all in all are like clothing line brand names. They’re more or less status symbols. They’re industry giants which do still maintain high standards of quality production, but basically charge a bit extra for their reputation alone. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with getting one if you can afford it. It’s obviously awesome to have a sick classic Zong sitting around when you have some friends over, and watch them drool over it figuratively, and literally when they start choking on that huge rip they should have known they couldn’t handle but were just too excited.

If you are interested in some collector’s items from big brand names, a few others to consider are Black Leaf, Zob, and Grav Labs. These are all established brands that have been around for a while, but if you want something a bit more modern with funkier and more creative designs, a few more names to look into could be Pulse and Nexus for more sci-fi kinds of designs, Empire Glassworks for pop-culture inspired glass, and lastly High Tech Glassworks for some goofier models

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