The Best SEO Company In India Enumerates Optimization Techniques

The Best SEO Company In India places great emphasis on the site structure. They make it scalable and simple. For going from one page to another, the viewers should not take any more than 3 clicks. Use of keyword research is necessary for the creation of high relevancy subdirectories and page URLs. Poor navigation bodes ill for search rankings. The home page tends to be an authoritative site page. Internal links related to pages pass the authority or the link juice to some respect. Earlier this was the PageRank. The home page would pass most of the authority to the category pages and these to the product pages.

The most productive pages in any site are the product and the category pages so you have to give them the maximum internal links right from the high authority pages. Great content always gets you the desired results. They get you good quality external backlinks. Funnel the authority of the link from content to the category and the product pages. For sites with less-than-ideal structure, moving around the pages might not be the answer. The best that you could do is to consult with the best SEO Company in India.

They would help you to consolidate the pages, redirect the old pages right to the new pages, and improve the internal linking. This would improve the SEO significantly. In an ideal website, the home page links to the main category pages along with the major product pages. Internal linking and proper navigation ensures that the pages receive maximum authority from the home page. This gives them a good chance of high ranking in the searches.

Linking to the major category pages is the most important thing to do. This way it becomes visually appealing and the browsing becomes an easy thing. The content of the text on the website is most important as well. When homepage content is present, this increases the rankings. On page ecommerce SEO, involves the perfect placement of the keywords used. This way Google would be sure about the pages and identify the content. On-page SEO relates to the product pages, the category pages, and the blog content.

The best SEO Company in India considers the category pages to be the high priority pages for ranking. When the prospects find it in Google, getting access to products in the particular category becomes automatic. The most important thing for this is the placement of the target keywords.

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