Tips for kids having trouble sitting still

It’s true- kids really struggle when it comes to sitting still. They have to move around, fidget with whatever is in front of they have in front and probably disturb others who are sitting next to them. If you have kids just like that, we completely understand what you must be feeling like. But don’t worry. You can use some simple and easy solutions to help your kids sit better. Here are some great tips that should help.

Using therapy balls

Therapy balls are great for kids who keep bouncing all the time. It makes them happy and keeps them in check too. Therapy cushions too are useful for kids who can’t sit straight. It sits right on the chair and gives really small and constant movement opportunities all throughout the day. Unlike therapy balls, the cushion can be easily stood upon which allows other options on the days the kid just cannot stand still.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are simple to use, are cheap and affordable and be given by the teacher to the entire classroom. You can wrap the resistance band on your front legs and that’s it. Kids who generally need some heavy work will tuck the legs behind those bands and stretch it using their feet. Kids who don’t really need this can ignore this.

Lap pads

The deep kind of pressure that weighted products give you sends chemicals in the brain that make you feel calm and relaxed. This could be through blankets and vests too. You could get hold of a weighted pad for your kid to pull it out of the desk while you are feeling antsy, you may also use for your own weighted lap pad. All you have to do is pick any fabric that is bright and it will definitely be liked by your kid.

Let them enjoy physical breaks

Between some of the lessons, let your kids take a physical break. Let them play a game for some time. This will make them more physically active and calm when they are actually working.

Changing your kid’s diet helps too

You could also consider getting a kids recliner if that is your kind of thing. And if that does not work for you, don’t worry. Diet matters a lot when it comes to focusing on something. In case your child is facing some issue or the other, cutting sugar or caffeine can help a lot. You must consider this as an option if you haven’t. it has worked for more parents and we are sure it will help you too.

So, that’s all we have for today. Did you enjoy reading our article? Do you find any of these tips useful? If yes, do let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our main website for the best baby and kids accessories. We are sure you will love them!

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