Top 4 Pearl Bracelet Design Ideas for Styling up Hands

We use necklaces to accentuate neck and earrings for ears. But, the hands look so dull if they are left unadorned. Thankfully, there are options like bangles and bracelets that can make the look classier and your style simply class apart. So, here are a few very interesting bracelet designs that make use of pearls the perfect way.

  1. Pearl bracelets with Butterfly design

A shimmering butterfly with crystal clear finish can accentuate the pearl bracelet in unique way. This style of bracelet is primarily loved because of the uniqueness it offers. When you are wearing a plain dress with no detailed design, just add bracelet of this kind whose centerpiece is nothing less than amazing. You can easily divert the attention to this classy piece of jewelry and win appreciation for tasteful sense of styling, even if your dress is bit pale and plain in look.

  1. Pearl and diamond bracelet with sweetheart enclosure

A single thread like structured bracelet made in pearl, accentuated with diamond and having a heart shaped enclosure adorns the wrist beautifully. Your feminine side gets the new meaning when you wave your loved one or extend the hand for warm handshake, with this bracelet on the wrist. The true reminder of love and grace the women are supposed to be, this bracelet is ideal for all formal and semi-formal occasions.

  1. Pearls in multiple strands

Designer bracelets with strands of pearls lined up one below the other make a beautiful strap for the wrists. This wrist wrap is all pearls and soft metallic wire on which pearls are beaded. The design can be accentuated with silver partition at three places to add more style to the look. Fit to be worn on special occasions, this kind of bracelet sits fit on the wrist and does not require any kind of enclosure. So, when you are rushing for the party, just slide down this stylish adornment down the wrist and you are ready to kill the show.

  1. Multicolor pearl beaded bracelet

The pearls in shades of blue, green, black and grey can be beaded in a particular sequence to get a tasteful embellishment to go with black cocktail dresses.

So, let your imaginations soar and have pearl bracelets designed on the ideas mentioned above.

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