Top Healthcare Jobs That Don’t Require a Medical Degree

The healthcare industry is still the fastest growing industry on the market right now. The demand for good healthcare and medical services continue to rise. While hospitals and medical institutions are expanding rapidly to meet the increasing demand, they are struggling to keep up with market growth.

The rapid growth leads to more opportunities for those who want to have a career in healthcare. You don’t even need a medical degree to start a career in this field. Here are the top healthcare opportunities and jobs you can explore without a medical degree.

Medical Assistant

The main role of medical assistants is helping doctors and physicians take care of the administrative side of healthcare. A medical assistant completes tasks such as taking the patient’s personal information, measuring vital signs like blood pressure, and delivering injections or other forms of medication according to the doctor’s orders.

There is a huge demand for medical assistants right now. One of the reasons why medical assistants are highly requested is because they allow doctors to do more while worrying less about administrative tasks.

Staying true to the theme of the article, you don’t need a medical degree to become a medical assistant. That said, you need to meet certain requirements and acquire certifications before you can pursue a career in this field. There are a lot of top medical assistant Las Vegas schools and programs in other parts of the country that can help you get started.

Health Service Manager

Health service managers are also in high demand as hospitals and medical facilities expand their operations. As the name of the job suggests, health service managers deal more with the administrative and management tasks of running a hospital. Health service managers are the ones taking care of the business side of healthcare.

A degree in management and an MBA will help you jumpstart your career in this field. There is also a degree in health administration now offered by top universities across the country, mainly in response to the changes happening on the market. Aside from the management degree, you can benefit from having good management and leadership skills too.

This career is also considered one of the most rewarding in healthcare. You can expect a median salary of more than $90,000 a year working as a health service administrator for a good hospital.

Registered Nurse

Professional nurses are not only in high demand but are also playing more roles in the healthcare industry. There are nurse practitioners who are doing some of the tasks that doctors usually do. Nurse administrators are also assuming more responsibilities and filling key management position in top hospitals around the country.

Your career in nursing begins with you becoming a registered nurse. Similar to the previous two careers, there are many courses and programs that can help you become a registered nurse in as little as 18 months. Once you are certified, you can start building the better future you have always wanted by working as a nurse and improving your nursing skills at the same time.

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