Toronto Employment Agency: 4 Things to Do to End Your Employment in Good Times

You were lucky to get temporary work through Toronto employment agency. However, the summer is already over, and you are contemplating to take a vacation before going back to school, and maybe give them notice earlier.

If you were employed on a contract, you might be wondering what might happen when you end the contract. You might be wondering if there is something you can do to make sure you will be invited back or given the job offer next summer. There are things you can do to make sure you leave your summer job on good terms. Take the following actions to ensure you get back most of your summer jobs. Get more info here.

Take Extra Shifts If Possible

If you are certain that you will leave your job, you should utilise well the time you have right now. If you are employed for summer jobs, you should think about taking more shifts if available. Though this might meet a lot of resistance especially from students who think they should have more time to enjoy their summer, it makes a lot of sense to make the most of your time now because you will leave the job to school soon.

If you want to come back next year, ask for a contract extension, or simply change your temp summer employment to a permanent job, this can be a viable tact as well. It shows that are dedicate to go some miles further and that you are dedicated to work ethics. If any chance comes up, be sure your name will surface.

Stay Until September

While most temp summer workers resign from their positions in the last one or two weeks, it is important to stay a little longer. This is beneficial to me in a myriad of ways: just as taking extra shifts, this one helps you to utilise the limited time you have in the employment. It also showcases your work dedication and ethics. Any Toronto employment agency will be looking for you to give you a job.

Leave on Good Terms

It doesn’t matter why you are leaving, either the contract has ended, or you have resigned, make sure you leave in good condition. In case of resignation, let the employer know about it two weeks earlier, and make sure you do it humbly. Thank the employer for giving the opportunity and spare some time to reflect everything you have done and learned.

Show Your Interest in Future Employment

Employment agencies may not give all the summer workers an extension to their contracts or permanent employment at the end of the summer. However, future roles come by, and if you want to come back, let it known to your employer so that he can consider you.

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