Touring the World in Style – What to Look For

Guided Tours are rapidly becoming the most efficient and popular way to see the world. These fully escorted vacations come complete with most meals, transportation, accommodation, and all of the included attractions and excursions are pre-booked and paid-for saving you the hassle and freeing up your valued time. While there are many Escorted Tour companies out there all offering their own unique brand of touring, there are 5 essential things you should look for when picking who will give you the most luxury and comfort so you can see the World in style.


Look for a Tour Company specializing in smaller groups. By having less than 40 guests, it makes tours more intimate and friendly while guaranteeing better service. You’ll be treated as more of an individual rather than get lost in the crowd allowing your tour director more time for one on one interaction with guests and their personal needs.


With fewer passengers onboard, it allows their already luxurious coaches to be uniquely customized to provide a lot more legroom (up to 100% more). This isn’t always an optional upgrade and is usually standard on all seats, coaches and tours from the higher end Tour Companies.


Make sure the worldwide Round Trips Company goes to great lengths to ensure they select only the best hotels on all tours. This is done by taking such factors into consideration as ambiance, amenities, quality and the location to central and scenic attractions which will provide excellence to their choices of accommodation.


Combining incredible must-see attractions and highlights with unique local experiences, your tour should take you to premium locations and provide a more personal insight and local feel leaving you with a deeper appreciation of your journey.


On a luxury tour, while dining in renowned restaurants and hotels, you should enjoy regional and international authentic cuisine. Breakfasts should be included daily on all tours as should some dinners including Welcome Dinners, Highlight Dinners, Celebration Dinners, and unique Dine-Around evenings.

By sticking to just a few tips, you can take your guided worldwide Round Trips from ordinary to extraordinary. Some tour packages offer more budget minded guided tours to see the world and with all due respect, they do a terrific job but by taking a luxury Escorted Tour, you are not only travelling in style but also treating yourself to a vacation filled with sights and experiences that will indulge the senses. Canadians are increasingly using Guided Tours to explore parts of the world that offer excitement and that are rich in culture.

The best thing about round the world travel packages is that most providers allow you to stay in countries where you have a layover, which is like handing someone a free plane ticket.

 if you bought an around the world travel package, try to pack only enough clothing to last you a week. Remember, what you pack today you will have to carry for the next year, so keep it light!

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