Travel and welcome the New Year

Do not want to stay in the city when the old year ends and the new one begin? Well, pack your bags and travel to welcome the New Year then.

Ring in the New Year in Jaisalmer: This event is organised by the ‘Mad Nomad’ and it gives you the opportunity to welcome your New Year in a village in Jaisalmer. If you are sick and tired if city parties and noise, just enrol for it. This will be a fantastic experience for sure. Time to pack your backpack and explore the colourful city of Jaisalmer amidst the serene sand dunes. Once you reach the village it will be totally new thing to venture. Here, you get to sleep under the open sky seeing the sky full of stars and enjoy the bonfire in a quiet ambience. Not only that, you also get to eat local home cooked meal. Kuldhara is a village which is said to be haunted and it has full of ghost stories. The night will be a chilling experience and one can also take a camel ride through the deserts. The trip starts on 30th December and ends on 1st January. One has to pay an amount of Rs 7500 for this trip. This will include all the transportations, meals and other accommodations. You can explore the fort city of Jaisalmer which is also known as the Golden City and take a ride to the Thar Desert. The Golden Fort that lies here was built in the 12th century and this is definitely a lifetime experience.

Welcome New Year while travelling: Have you ever heard of the Banjaras? If no, then they were the group of people who used to lead their lives by travelling from one place to another. So if you want, you can spend a few days like them and start the New Year in new style. This will be a trip to Rajasthan where one can explore the old forts and experience a rustic life. At nights, there will be bonfires and one can stay in tents under the star studded sky. But one has to remember that this trip is not for luxury. It will be full of adventure and wilderness. The trip starts from Jaipur and ends in the same city. This will begin on 23rd December and will ends on 1st January. For the entire trip there is a pocket pinch of Rs 24500. The cost includes transportation, food and stay accommodations along with camel safaris, exploring the city, camp stays, desert safari and visit to haunted villages.

New Year Camping Party 2018: This is about to happen on 31st December from 4 AM onwards. This is happening at a camp site near Kolad and there is nothing like spending a quiet and serene night amidst the chores of the city. This will not be the usual way of welcoming the New Year though but it will definitely be fun.

To get details of New Year parties in Pune one has to check the scheduled events.

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