Understanding Influencer Marketing in Detail

For a far-sighted brand, the social media influencer marketing is a world of opportunities. The brands can connect to the customers more openly and directly. Gone are the days when consumers looked upon the companies before buying anything, now they look to their friends and family and their favorite personalities and their choices and opinions about a certain brand or product. They follow famous personalities on social media and are highly influenced by their lifestyle and choices. Brands can seduce their customers by adding appropriate influencers in the social media. These influencers are carefully selected by the brands not anyone can be a part of it just like that. The person chosen to be an influencer should hold some relevance to the brand in some way. Like a supermodel can be a good influencer for a fashion line or an athlete can be an influencer for a sports brand. Such famous people don’t need to go the public, the public will come to them as their followers on social media.

Why To Invest In An Influencer?

  • Influencer marketing creates an opportunity for brands to pull the audience towards itself by making famous people advertise their product.
  • Consumers are able to make better purchasing decisions than in past as now they can see their favorite personalities attached to a brand and know their opinion about it. Now a day’s consumers buy what they see is practical to them and what better medium to do it by showing that the best of the people in the industry trust the particular brand.
  • All the big brands are going for it. Traditional marketing is no longer beneficial to the sellers as well as buyers.
  • The influencer marketing concepts also helps brands to improve their search engine optimization. The more famous people will talk about a brand the more it will gain recognition the search engines.
  • The posts and their audiences can be easily tracked by the brands, as it is open for all on all social media platforms. How many people have liked it or how many people saw the post or picture is one of the things that can be tracked. Further marketing decisions can be made by analyzing these aspects.
  • Different social media platforms can be used to advertise different brands.

Questions To Keep In Mind

  • Does the brand really need an influencer for marketing?
  • Is the influencer related to the brand in anyway?
  • Is the influencer appropriate for the particular brand or product?
  • Does the influencer have a vast number of followings in the social medias?
  • Will the brand be able to target the right kind of audience for it?

All the above factors if kept in mind and right decisions are taken at the right time with the right influencer then no one can stop for that brand to come at the top. But as much as it has its cons it also comes with its risks. Both advantages and disadvantages should be analyzed before starting or giving any famous person the brand name.


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