Water a wonder liquid for a healthy living

Water is something that we need in our day-to-day lives without a doubt. People cannot live without water it becomes hard to survive when there is no water even for a day. A person needs to stay hydrated in order to have a healthy life. Water is tasteless yet very healthy for the body, and therefore it is essential to drink pure water. The regular tap water that we get contain many chemicals, germs, bacteria, and dissolved solids which are present in water; the water purifier removes all the harmful toxins that are present in the water making it pure and healthy to drink in routine life.

Why choose Eureka Forbes?

Eureka Forbes has various types of water purifiers which is suitable for the house receiving a different kind of tap water. The company uses the latest technologies to make an individual’s life healthier and better. Eureka Forbes also provides their customer with excellent customer service for when the customer buys a water purifier. The company provides you with regular services to maintain the water purifier with installation and professionals coming to your house to check the TDS level in the tap water that customer is receiving. For the people staying in Jabalpur, they can contact the Eureka Forbes service number Jabalpur, if there are problems or any issues that come up with the water purifier.

Eureka Forbes service number Jabalpur will also send professionals to the house to check issues that you are facing with the water purifier. There has to be a regular cleaning which the professionals can do for their customer.

How to buy the right water purifier?

There are many water purifiers that you may come across in the market. It is essential to know which water purifier is right for the house. Is the supply at the house water surface water or groundwater?

Surface water is from rivers or lakes and whereas for groundwater is from borewells. If it is surface water chances are that the TDS level is low and the only need is to protect the body from the impurities like bacteria and germs. Groundwater has a higher level of TDS making it very unhealthy for the body; it can also be hard water containing a lot of salts in it. Therefore the TDS level of the water should always be measured to know the type of water purifier that has to be bought.

 If the TDS level is higher than 500 ppm then an RO method is to be bought so that all the harmful impurities are removed as RO has a very fine membrane in it, it can remove all bacteria and germs and only allow the water to pass through the fine pore of the membrane. If the TDS level is low, then a UV method is preferable to take out the bacteria and germs from the water, keeping all the natural minerals of the water intact. These are the few points to keep in mind when buying a water purifier.

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