Water cooler is most commonly

Let us start our discussion with the water itself as it is the most precious life giving resource over the earth. There are basically two type of contamination any water source may have, Organic and Inorganic contamination. Consumption of contaminated water may cause various water borne and food borne diseases like cholera and diarrhea. Like all the other matters water do have three stages namely Solid, Liquid and gas (vapor).

Water cooler is most commonly used device in any office or home. It is the device used to dispense hot and chilled water at offices and in organisation with performing some essential purification on the water in order to make water safe for human body. Water is mainly a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen in two ratio one means in one molecule of water contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen gets combined.. Organic contamination includes various types of micro organism like protozoa, amoeba and other harmful bacteria while inorganic contamination include various types of household or industrial waste like copper, zinc, sulfide and other harmful household waste.

It is also true that vaporization of water takes place at any point of time and at any temperature but after hundred degree Celsius it’s rate of transformation is quite rapid. Around five percent of total disease burden is due to consumption of contaminated water and causes deaths of millions per year. Water cooler with fixed water supply are popular in homes while other water coolers are useful for office purpose. This article will try to discuss the different types of impurities in water and their respective treatment, various types of water coolers currently in trend and benefits of water coolers in office or in home. Around 70 percent of total earth surface is covered with water mainly by oceans and seas and few amount of water is Clean Sampling Car presented in rivers, ponds, lakes and atmosphere itself.Water is a great solvent and almost every thing which comes in the way gets dissolve in it therefore it is quite important to ensure the potability of the water you are using for drinking purpose. Percentage of potable water present on the earth is quite low and is near to two percent of total water present on the earth and in addition to this most of the sweet water resources like rivers and ponds are getting contaminated because of the industrialization and carelessness of human beings.

Water starts freezing at about zero degree Celsius temperature and remain in liquid state from one to hundred degree Clausius beyond that it starts boiling and getting converted into vapor. For life purpose of the ground creatures water present in oceans is not that much useful as oceans and seas have salted water which is not potable. It is very important to use water coolers to purify the water and basically two types of water coolers are in trend namely, fixed supply water coolers and water cooler with bottled water supply. Kids, women bear the most of the burnt specially in developing countries. Water cooler with fix water supply normally have inbuilt water filter to purify the supply water while water cooler with water bottle may or may not have any water filter because packaged water is already filtered water. Humans largely depends over the rivers, ponds, springs and underground water for drinking and other household purposes.

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