We will be discussing the success

And the worst part was, Jane in particular, was propping up her body using conventional medicines. Finding it difficult to get involved in any exercise involving much use of her legs, and with osteoporosis brought about by the trauma of the accident, her weight increased, her diet changed, and she was forever having to pop pain-killers and other hormonal drugs.

Such is the case with my wife Jane. We will be discussing the success we have achieved in this manner in another article to be published shortly.

So we looked for ways in which Jane could get more exercise on a regular basis, which exercised her legs in a non-weight bearing manner. Since then, her regular healthy hobbies, such as windsurfing, jogging, and long walks in the countryside have become a thing of the past.

So the inevitable happened. On a routine trip to her opticians, they noticed signs of high blood pressure, so off she had to go to the doctors, who, sure enough, diagnosed high blood pressure, and so put her on blood pressure pills. The personal trainers tilting pad thrust bearing at our local Harpers gym were very good in that respect and the amount of swimming Jane did had a great effect on her overall fitness, but the biggest change came about by her determination ( use the Mind) to get off the conventional medicines, and get into more natural health remedies. Some years ago, she was involved in a head on collision with a truck, caused by a hit-and-run driver, and spent months in hospital.

OK, the first thing to realise is that a thin person in poor shape is a lot more susceptible to a more substantial person in good shape.Sometimes events in your life lead you down one way streets that you can find very difficult to escape from.

The second attack was by looking at natural remedies from diets and natural health supplements, and we embarked in a regime of natural fruits and berries that actually helped to combat arthritis and high blood pressure.

In ten years then, she had gone from a drug-free environment, fit as a flea, to becoming a bit overweight, stymied in the exercises she could do, taking a number of hormone replacement drubs, and now had to take pills for high blood pressure and in the mean time, she was facing a number of high stress situations in her everyday life due to a massive property scam she and I were fighting. (I am not saying my wife is fat by the way!) The second thing was to realise that, as people who have watched The Secret will vouch for, is that the mind can have a great influencing effect on the health of the body, even making some conventional medicines redundant. Bearing in mind, exercise counts more toward a naturally healthy heart than diet (within reason), and that as well as contemplating 40 minute workouts on the gym 4 or 5 times a week, even doing the hoovering (Yes, I am a house husband), or having at least one or two sort brisk walk a day can be even more beneficial than your gym work.

It was about then that we decide to take stock of our lives, and to make sure we prepared our bodies to be in the best state possible after all, we both had many issues that were bringing about great stresses, which we knew, were totally bad for the health of our hearts

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