What is a Virtual Phone Number and Where it is Used

A virtual number, alternatively addressed as direct inward dialing (DID), is a digitized telephone number that is not directly associated with the analog telephone line. This phone number is programmable and calls directed to it are forwarded to the pre-set numbers, which can either be fixes, or mobile or operated on over VoIP. Virtual phone numbers are basically in the middle of VoIP and the traditional phone lines.

People subscribing to the virtual numbers can use either their existing numbers without the need of purchasing any type of additional hardware. The software used will depend entirely on service providing company. Virtual phone number is a follow me number used for small businesses, start up companies and even the mid-sized companies to communicate with their customers and clients.

The calls are forwarded to different telephone numbers on various times, irrespective of the days and the weeks. During the regular working hours, incoming calls are directed to workplace, but during the weekends these calls will be directed to personal cell phones. The frequency of calls can also be regulated and this is where business management takes its call. Use of virtual phone lines and its availability depends on regulatory situations prevalent within the country.

Virtual Phone Numbers and Its Real Time Applications

Effective communication for the businesses – Virtual phone numbers work a great deal in call centers and at places where customer support is at the core of the business model. Call centers and customer support and training businesses deploy more than one virtual phone number, giving the domination as well as authority. Communicating in different time zones is delivered efficiently round the clock.

Part of marketing strategy – Most businesses use virtual phone numbers as part of their marketing strategy. Businesses flash their virtual numbers to support their marketing campaigns on television channels and internet. This helps in developing the business communication and maintain the order. All of it is the larger part of marketing strategy.

Relevant in virtual services –Businesses offering virtual services like virtual office, virtual receptionist or virtual office, uses virtual number to give a seamless way of conducting the businesses. Customers will have voice presence, virtual phones and communication address, and all of it speaks about authority in the business.

Saves the cost – Communication, especially the landline communication, comes on a cost. You may not like to bear the overhead cost in the initial phase of your business. You want to be on a total COST SAVING spree. Establishing virtual phone line will bring a complete change in the way you are communicating with your customers. You do not have to pay for setting up communication line, which is virtual and digitized. You have the fastest way to communicate with your customers and the clients.

Where is your call!

Businesses need effective and transparent communication. Online phone systems are making the headway towards the advanced communication and development of new businesses. With multiple phone lines available, you are not only conducting your business, but also adding whole new dynamics to your existing business.

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