In India, monsoon is the toughest season for driving cars on road. Considering the monsoon woes, your car can be exposed to sever rainfall, bad roads, floods, water logging etc. Risk element is involved even if you take the utmost care. Especially, in metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore etc where you can witness frequent water logging due to heavy rainfall. Such severe conditions can increase the chance of damaging your car’s engine. And such consequential losses like mechanical breakdown are not covered under our standard no-frills comprehensive plan. However, insurers have unique and specially designed rider called ‘engine protector’ to offer for such problems at an added cost. Read on to know more about it.

Engine Protection Cover

Engine protection cover compensates the engine breakdown losses that are not related to accidents. The coverage offered by this add-on is to protect against engine damage caused due to:

  • Water Intrusion
  • Gearbox damages
  • Hydro locks or seized engine due to heavy rain
  • Oil leakage

However, if there is any negligence on your part, there will not be any compensation paid as it is considered to be a ‘deliberate act’.

It’s the most recommended and relevant add on for below cases:

  • It’s a must-buy add on for owners of expensive, high-end and brand new cars.
  • For cars with low ground clearance
  • It’s highly useful and must-have add on for car owners living in flood-prone areas and cities that witness heavy rainfall

Why is it Worth the Extra Cost?

Here are few reasons why this engine protection add-on is totally worth the extra cost that you incur:

It provides coverage for most expensive part of your four wheeler. Engine is the core part of any vehicle. Water-logging is a primary problem in rainy season in most of the major Indian cities which can cause damage to your car’s engine. If your location is prone it or if you are a frequent travellers to such areas, it’s better to safeguard your engine with engine protector rider. For instance, if you take any mid-segment sedan, engine repair would not cost less than Rs.1.5 lakh.

Let’s take an example to understand the importance of this add-on:

Amit’s car is three year old model. During the last monsoon, his car was submerged in water due to water logging. His engine parts were badly damaged due to this. He called up his insurer to make a claim for engine repair and he was surprised to know that his insurer would not be able compensate for repair cost as such consequential losses are not under the standard car insurance plan he has. He paid hefty charge of Rs. 1.2 lakh out of his own pocket for getting his engine parts repaired. In this case, if he had opted for engine protector add-on, he would have saved Rs. 1.2 lakh of repair cost just by paying Rs. 2000-3000 extra cost. Engine protector add-on covers all such indirect risk. Hence, it makes complete sense to have ‘engine protector’ add on cover along with your comprehensive car insurance plan

Click on the following link to know more about engine protection cover https://www.acko.com/car-insurance/add-on-covers/car-engine-protection-cover/


To sum it up, considering the bad roads and weather conditions in India engine protector is an important and must-have add-on for all the brand new vehicles especially the cars that have low ground clearance. It’s totally worth the money that you shell out on car insurance to have complete protection and right coverage.

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