Why Should a Professional Write Your Resume?


There seems to be some confusion about whether you should hire a professional resume writer or write your own. When making that decision, you should consider the fact that the average corporate opening attracts 250 applications. With that much competition, it is recommended you seriously consider hiring a professional writer to give yourself a fighting chance to win the attention of important corporate decision makers.


Your Resume Version Is Not Getting Interviews

If your resume is not doing the trick, there is a good chance you need some help from an expert. The objective of a resume is to get you an interview. If you know you are well qualified for positions you are applying for and there is no legitimate explanation for the fact that you are not being called in for interviews, then you must face the fact that it is probably because of your resume. It might be necessary to have several versions of your resume prepared for different job opportunities.


Professional Writers Know What Information to Include and What to Omit

The average recruiter spends only seconds glancing over your resume. With that in mind, you should include only the most relevant information likely to grab the attention of the hiring manager. Professional resume writers are trained in ways to make your resume stand out. This automatically improves your chance of getting the interview.


Professional resume writers know that there are few, hard and fast rules when it comes to what belongs in a resume. What’s relevant in one situation for one type of position may not be relevant for a different job and a different applicant. Every situation requires some time to contemplate the best strategy.


That’s what makes it so difficult for a person who needs a resume every two or three years to know what to include. Without ongoing experience about what works, a novice is incapable of writing the best resume. For example, some applicants can get away with adding volunteer experience to build up their resume, while another applicant needs to avoid that option. These are the types of decisions that matter.


Hiring an Objective Writer Can Open New Opportunities

Hiring a professional resume writer allows you to get an objective professional to ask you the right questions for an improved resume. Resume writing services like Employment Boost offer the type of comprehensive services necessary to get you in front of attractive employers. Check out https://employmentboost.com/executive-resume-writing-services/ for more information if you’re ready to make things happen.


You’re a Modest or Shy Person

While bragging about accomplishments may be easy for some people, a lot of shy or modest personality types find it difficult to boast. This can make it difficult to write a resume that stands out. Without adding your accomplishments to show why an employer should interview you instead of the other 230 or so applicants, you don’t stand a chance of making the grade and getting that all important first meeting.


Writing an excellent resume requires extensive questioning and knowing how to get that extra bit of information that will make the difference. People skills, writing skills and knowledge about what employers are looking for are all prerequisites for preparing a resume that reflects your unique skills and personality.



There is no practical reason to waste time and miss interview opportunities. Saving some money or kidding yourself into believing that your writing skills and industry knowledge are sufficient to compete with professional resume written is impractical. Unless you have worked as a recruiter in the past few years, and you have excellent writing skills, then there is no substitute for hiring a professional resume writer. Your career is too important to risk by winging this all important step critical for getting interviews.


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