Why Vertical Gardening is So Popular in Concrete Jungle

When you start living in an urban area (also known as the concrete jungle), it gets extremely difficult to come across bits of greenery. But the concept of vertical garden in this regard offers an incredible way to refresh the space of living, both inside and outside.

Vertical gardening is nothing but a simple practice of making optimized use of different methods as well as resources to put the vertical space into good use and i.e., for gardening. Ranging from enhancing the small outdoor to boosting privacy, below are some useful pointers to love this amazingly beautiful and versatile garden feature.

  1. Vertical Gardens Adds more Life to the Exteriors of Urban Setting

Having an exterior wall with vertical plantings starting from the top to bottom is pleasantly astonishing. Just imagine the entire setting when the guests or visitors starts walking down the home along with a row of plain brick and stucco facades and then they see the happening lush green wall of living. It is sure that they certainly never have any trouble in finding the place for the next time.

  1. Vertical Gardens can form a Living Privacy Screen

People who are on the lookout for having something different for the standard hedge of the casual fence to get acquire more private feeling for the private space should consider it as the best option. Having a garden with plants planted vertically on a support (it might be either stationary or even on a gate) can offer great extent of privacy. And this is not yet as it will also extend the length of the garden.

  1. Vertical Gardens Can Make Cities Nonchalant and Rejuvenate Spirits

Along with the endless expanses of the concrete jungle (urbanization) as well as pavement, there is a drastic scarcity of fresh greenery in the cities and the extent of the deficiency is increasing day by day.

Consequently, it results in hotter temperatures and extreme level of humidity. But having facades of the building with vertical gardens, it would start cooling as well as refreshing the urban areas and thus it will make them even more pleasant for the habitats.

  1. Vertical Gardens Allow Bringing the Outside In

Many of us are even not aware of the fact that the concept of planting trees vertically on the wall has become a popular home decorating trends. Professionals engaged in offering home interiors in South Africa as well as in other locations also are following this trend to make the setting of the home look amazing.

Small Tidbit: Now people can have their own micro sanctuary inside the house by having a lush green wall in the bath. Make sure to plant mossy plants because they will do well in the humid conditions and will make a soft-spa like a milieu in the bathroom for soaking in the tub.

The recent trends suggest that the interest is even more than ever in the concept of vertical gardening and the whole phenomenon is getting huge popularity. Considering all these pointers, do get in touch with professional agencies that have got great experience in offering these services and opt for these upward plants on the walls.

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