Why You Should Start Decorating for Christmas Early

Christmas is one of the favorite times of year for a lot of people. And many of them start decorating and preparing early. It may seem like it’s too early right now to start, but it’s important to know what you need and what you can live without decoration wise. You can start by taking stock of what you have that is getting worn out so that you can plan to replace it, or see whether you even need to replace certain decorations like the infamous advent calendar. You can take some of the pressure off yourself by finding customized decorations or make your own earlier than everyone else. That will ensure you’re completely ready for the holiday


Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

The small stuff is what everyone starts scrambling for during the peak holiday shopping time. This includes cookie cutters, air fresheners and candles, bells, ribbons, and so on. Your Christmas won’t be any less merry without them, but they typically get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list and forgotten about until the peak decoration shopping season. But having them around early will make sure that you’re prepared and getting into the holiday spirit at every turn.


The best time to find these smaller pieces is either early in the decoration season so that you don’t have to rush to find them, or right after the holiday season. When the decorations are first set out in stores, they’re a little less expensive than normal. As the holiday approaches into November and December, the prices will obviously go up because more people are shopping for decorations. If you don’t mind waiting until November, you can also shop the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. And everyone knows that anytime after Christmas to New Year’s is a great time to splurge on the decorations for next year.


Find Customized Decorations

And you can really step up your game by getting or customizing your own decorations. Every year, there are online stores or people offering their services to give you everything from customized wreaths to a countdown board. By getting started early in the year, you can talk to these people or buy the decorations before they get swamped with orders later on.


Or, you have plenty of time to try your hand at making your own decorations. You can string your own paper snowflakes, snowmen, angels, or trees in different rooms. Or you can make mini wreaths out of coat hangers and boxwood branches. You can wrap up your picture frames or make your windows look frosted. There are all sorts of guides about how to do these projects.


Get a New Tree

One of the most time consuming part of Christmas decorating is the tree. Whether you’re using the same tree or a different one every year or get a different one every year, you have to set it up in the right spot and decorate it. But sometimes when you take the tree out of its box, you realize that it’s shedding or not as fresh as it used to be. That’s the best time to find a new tree that you’ll love. And with the rise of so many different types of trees, including skinny or white trees, this is a perfect time to get a new one if you think you need one. Even if you prefer the real trees, it’s better to get out there early and find a good one and wait until closer to the holiday and miss out on one that you really liked.


This is especially true if you’ve moved recently. A feature that a lot of people don’t account for with new trees is their height. If you’ve moved to a new apartment or house and you have higher ceilings, you might realize that your tried and true tree all of a sudden doesn’t hold up. This is why there are trees in different heights to make the most of any space. This can include up to a 9 foot Christmas tree if you have the space for it. And because those trees are not the standard sized tree, they can sell out pretty fast if you’re not careful. So if you think you need a bigger or different tree, now is the time to get out there and find one. And then you’ll have plenty of time to decorate it so that it looks perfect.


Getting started early on your holiday decorating might not like always seem like it’s worth it, but there are benefits to it. You can usually find better deals on what you need and make sure you get everything. You have more time to replace older decorations and get new ones situated so that they look perfect. And if you go ahead and get started, you’ll be sitting back in the middle of your own winter wonderland while everyone else is running around to prepare.

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